GDL attain Silver Membership with Supply Chain Sustainability School

Goody is pleased to become a silver level member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and we have our eye on becoming a gold member by the summer.

January 2021

The Supply Chain Sustainability School is a collaboration between clients, contractors and the construction supply chain focused on sustainability, offsite solutions, building information management (BIM), lean construction and management. The School provides training and tools across the five areas of focus and awards bronze, silver and gold membership based on engagement levels.

Managing Director, Gary Venner says: “We are very pleased to have started our journey with the Supply Chain Sustainability School. It provides great resources and support to help us develop our sustainability skills and ensure our business meets the future needs of the construction sector and its clients.”

To achieve silver level membership, Goody have demonstrated a proactive engagement with the School, and undertaken a detailed self-assessment of our current sustainability situation, with goals set to improve going forwards. We will continue to make progress over the next six months in our aim to become gold members at the end of the second quarter of this year.