Our policies and other supporting documentation are provided to clients as part of PPQs, tenders and quotations. If you wish to obtain copies outside of this, you can do so via the 'Policies and Procedures' option below.

Health & safety

Goody takes extensive measures to ensure the prevention of accidents and ill health through the promotion of safe working practices, delivering safely every project.

With a long history of working in demolition, we understand the dangers in our business and the importance of not just adhering to legislation but applying best practice to protect our employees, clients and others affected by our work. Our health & safety management system is certified to international standard ISO 45001. We are also certified to all the key SSIP and PAS91 safety standards.

Safely delivering every project

We know there is no cutting corners in our line of work. All areas of our business are subject to rigorous risk assessment, regular safety inspections and systems audits. Any accidents, incidents and near misses are reported and investigated promptly and thoroughly, with corrective action implemented, facilitating ongoing continuous improvement and ensuring no repeat incidents.

Our team are aware of their responsibilities and only carry out activities for which they are fully trained and qualified. We employ modern plant and equipment which is well maintained and regularly serviced.

Any contractors we use are subject to the same high standards as ourselves and are required to submit a written health & safety assessment to ascertain their suitability to carry out work on our behalf.

Regular health & safety training

All our personnel are required to adhere to our health & safety policy and instructions at all times. We are members of the National Demolition Training Group and our team regularly undergo health & safety training provided by the Group.

Our supervisors and teams are regularly recognised for their approach to health & safety on projects by our clients.

Construction Design and Management Regulations

In line with the CDM Regulations, Goody acknowledges the risks associated in demolition and dismantling of structures and the need for work to be undertaken safely only by persons with appropriate knowledge, training and experience. Our policy is to ensure that our site is managed by suitably qualified professionals with highly trained operatives to carry out our works.

We have acted as Principal Contractor under CDM on multiple large-scale projects, and have a number of staff qualified as Temporary Works Coordinators (TWC) and Temporary Works Supervisors (TWS)


Goody recognise that all our activities have environmental impacts and pride ourselves on being a sustainable and environmentally responsible business.

We comply fully with all legal requirements and look to embed best practice in sustainability across our business. We employ a Safety, Health and Environment Manager to ensure our practices meet our aspirations across all our operations. Our environmental management system is certified to ISO 14001: 2015 and in line with this, we commit to continual improvement of our environmental standards.

Delivering our services responsibly

When delivering our services, we give detailed consideration and planning to recognise, respect, manage and mitigate our environmental impacts. In line with the nature of our work, this includes potentially sensitive receptors adjacent to our projects and activities, risk of flooding, natural habitats and ecosystems, the communities in which we work and any local heritage elements.

Reuse, recycling and recovery of waste

We manage all waste in line with the waste hierarchy, prioritising reuse and ensuring as much as possible is kept out of landfill. Materials that aren’t suitable for reuse are recycled through vetted waste management companies with whom we work closely. We continually monitor and seek to improve our recycling rate which is currently over 90%.

Sustainable procurement

Sustainability is a key consideration in our procurement decisions. We aim to procure products that minimise the use of primary natural resources, use recycled materials and are easily recyclable. We also aim to ensure that our supply chain for services maintain sustainable practices that match or exceed our own.

Hybrid and electric fleet

We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our business, and have invested in a fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles for our management and estimating staff. We are in the process of trialling electric vans and larger plant, to ensure that we can further reduce our carbon footprint without compromising on our high standards of service.

Social value

Based outside the village of Aylesham, between Canterbury and Dover, Goody are an important local employer and focus on providing social value to our local community.

Important local employer

With a team of around 80 largely from within a 20-mile radius of our site, we consider ourselves an important local employer and take our responsibility as such very seriously. We invest heavily in training, running continuous improvement programmes for all our staff. We ensure the wellbeing of our employees, many of which are longstanding, through occupational health and safety measures and mental health awareness programmes. We are conscious of the impact of Covid-19, especially on those who are working from home or have been furloughed, and we are exploring how to support our team as we come out of the pandemic.

Opportunities for our local community

Wanting to provide opportunities for our local community, we have run a successful apprenticeship scheme for over five years. During this time, we have supported four site apprentices and one IT assistant.

“I’ve always wanted to go into IT and Goody gave me the opportunity I needed. The team has been really supportive, I get my allotted day of training every Monday and the rest of the time, I have the opportunity to learn new skills on the job. Not only am I supporting employees’ daily needs but I’m helping maintain our IT infrastructure. I’ve been able to complete my Cisco CCENT and Microsoft MTA certificates, gaining valuable skills, experience and qualifications.”

Caleb Gatehouse Apprentice IT Support Technician

We are committed to equality of opportunity and throughout all our recruitment and employment, select the right person for the job based on their merit.

Tackling climate change

With climate change an ever-present factor, embedding sustainability into all aspects of our business is hugely important. We take significant steps to reduce our carbon emissions and environmental impacts, and those of our clients’ projects, including by running a fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles, prioritising reuse of client materials through reclamation, and by making sustainable procurement decisions.

A member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, we are looking at how we can use environmental improvements such as replacing diesel power generators with solar or biomass powered ones to create less fumes and less noise.

A good neighbour on projects

We recognise the impacts our operations can have on surrounding businesses, neighbours and the general public, and are a considerate contractor. We work to reduce noise, dust, pollution and vibrations wherever we can and are meticulous about adhering to working hour restrictions.
We are currently driving to have all contracts of size registered with the Considerate Contractors Scheme to demonstrate our commitment to minimising complaints and maximising liaison with those who might be impacted by our work.

Covid-19 support

We came to the assistance of the Queen Mary Hospital in Sidcup, Kent at the beginning of the first lockdown, donating 1,000 face shields. At the time, we had a surplus of rigid laminated plastic sheeting which, as one of our team identified, could be cut and shaped to make effective face coverings, identical to those in such high demand in the healthcare sector. Not only did this support the NHS but successfully repurposed the plastic.

Employment Practices

We employ a diverse field and office team based on their ability, experience and potential and follow strict employee practices at all times.

Operating to the highest standards, our employees are well trained in all aspects of their role and understand the importance of good communication between ourselves, our clients and other parties affected by our work. We encourage and support the development of our employees through our organisation. Where we supplement our team with temporary operatives, these are employed via a fully vetted partner that matches our own high standards.

We have extensive policies and procedures to ensure our compliant employee practices and to protect our employees, job applicants, clients and other contacts. Some of these are detailed below:

We are fully committed to ensuring that all staff have the relevant knowledge, skills and expertise to perform their work to consistently high standards and to achieve their full potential. We recognise that the training and development of our staff is fundamental to the improvement of our operational performance and the achievement of our strategy and goals.

We operate an equal opportunities policy ensuring there is no discrimination in our recruitment, training or promotion. We always look to promote or hire the most appropriate applicant or employee in a fair and consistent manner. This policy acknowledges the health & safety risks inherent in the manual aspects of our work and the limitations it might place on certain roles.

We take a strong position against harassment and take appropriate disciplinary action against any employee found to have harassed or discriminated on the grounds of sex, race, ethnic origin, religious beliefs or disability.

We do not tolerate violence or threats by or against our employees.

We acknowledge the rights of employees to disclose concerns about our organisation and will take these matters very seriously.

We acknowledge our duty in tackling modern slavery and are committed to continually reviewing our internal practices and supply chains to ensure that our organisation and those that we do busines with are not involved in any way with slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour.

Data protection

Goody understands the importance of looking after the personal data of our clients, employees, suppliers and other contacts.

We adhere to both the EU General Data Protection Regulations and the UK Data Protection Act 2018 ensuring we are compliant with data protection laws both as part of the EU and after we have left.

Clear approach to data management

We have a clear data protection policy describing how we aspire to the highest standards with regards to data protection. We hold an information asset register, and information flow maps, and carry out privacy impact assessments for any new procedures or data processing activity.

Our privacy notice describes how and why we process the personal data we do and how to contact us regarding rights as a data subject. We provide specific privacy notices for job applicants, employees and other data subjects as required.

All our data protection documentation is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect any changes in our data processing.

A well-trained team

We regularly carry out data protection training for both existing and new members of staff to ensure a current and complete knowledge of our data protection policy and individuals’ responsibilities in upholding data protection standards across the organisation.

We have clear procedures for subject access requests and for data breaches and our staff are well versed in their roles.

Registered and certified

We are registered as a data processor with the UK data protection regulator, the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) under registration number ZA250463.

We are certified under the Cyber Essentials scheme giving independent verification that we understand the cyber threats to our business and have appropriate cyber security measures in place.

Goody has attained and is governed by the ISO 9001 management system certification. Additional policies and procedures defined in our ISO 9001 management system further demonstrate our commitment to general information security throughout the organisation.


Goody are safeguarding our colleagues, clients and the general public during the worldwide pandemic, ensuring a safe, hygienic working environment is created and maintained.

We follow strict Covid-19 protocols based on the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) Guidance for Site Operating Procedures. These protocols are regularly reviewed and updated by our SHE Manager to ensure continued compliance with CLC and government guidance.

Working from the office

We are supporting those in our team who can work from home to do so, such as accounts and estimators (when not out at site). Where staff are required to be in the office, we are taking appropriate measures to ensure their protection including daily temperature checks, socially distanced work stations, and regular cleaning and sanitising. We also have specific measures for individual teams for example, our contract managers are on split shifts with only one in the office at a time to avoid unnecessary contact.

Wanting our staff to feel safe at work, we deal with suspected Covid-19 cases quickly, supporting the employees concerned whilst ensuring isolation and testing of colleagues.

Working on site

We follow our own strict protocols and those of our clients when working on site, and these guidelines are constantly updated to ensure the safety of our employees, others on site, and the general public.

All our site teams are operating in bubbles and only travel and work with those in their bubbles. We have robust procedures in place to avoid outbreaks and to deal with an incidence if an outbreak occurs. This was tested when one of our site teams was found to have Covid-19 at the start of a project. The whole team was isolated and following a deep clean, a reserve site team took over the work. By working an extra hour each day, and a few Saturday mornings, our fantastic employees were able to keep to our client’s schedule and deliver on time and on budget despite the disruption.

Policies and Procedures

All Goody Demolition’s operations are governed by our overarching Integrated Management System (IMS), and carried out in-line with our company Policies and Procedures, as shown below: