We employ a diverse field and office team based on their ability, experience and potential and follow strict employee practices at all times.

Operating to the highest standards, our employees are well trained in all aspects of their role and understand the importance of good communication between ourselves, our clients and other parties affected by our work. We encourage and support the development of our employees through our organisation. Where we supplement our team with temporary operatives, these are employed via a fully vetted partner that matches our own high standards.

We have extensive policies and procedures to ensure our compliant employee practices and to protect our employees, job applicants, clients and other contacts. Some of these are detailed below:

We are fully committed to ensuring that all staff have the relevant knowledge, skills and expertise to perform their work to consistently high standards and to achieve their full potential. We recognise that the training and development of our staff is fundamental to the improvement of our operational performance and the achievement of our strategy and goals.

We operate an equal opportunities policy ensuring there is no discrimination in our recruitment, training or promotion. We always look to promote or hire the most appropriate applicant or employee in a fair and consistent manner. This policy acknowledges the health & safety risks inherent in the manual aspects of our work and the limitations it might place on certain roles.

We take a strong position against harassment and take appropriate disciplinary action against any employee found to have harassed or discriminated on the grounds of sex, race, ethnic origin, religious beliefs or disability.

We do not tolerate violence or threats by or against our employees.

We acknowledge the rights of employees to disclose concerns about our organisation and will take these matters very seriously.

We acknowledge our duty in tackling modern slavery and are committed to continually reviewing our internal practices and supply chains to ensure that our organisation and those that we do busines with are not involved in any way with slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour.


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